Team Value

VS Sambhav is led by some of the experienced management team. With diverse backgrounds and extensive knowledge of markets and opportunities, our leaders help steer the organisation and its response to a dynamic market and a fast-changing world, always looking for ways to create value for our clients.

The Team

VS Sambhav Capital Pvt. Ltd. has a rich panel of advisors, comprising of Senior Bankers, Chief Financial Officers, Certified Financial Analysts and other finance domain experts, who articulate the firm’s strategy, serve as a trusted advisors and assist in tactical planning for the future course. They bring long-term sustainable value to the company and provide strategic guidance to convert challenges into opportunities .

Core Team

Best-in-class and best in their game

Team Membber
Mr. Vaibhav Jain
Team Membber
Mr Manoj Ajmera
Team Membber
Mr Ajay Patidar
Team Membber
Mr. M. N. Venkatesan
Team Membber
Mr. Narender Gandhari

Financial institutions, Venture capital & Private Equity Investors